"...a three-fold cord is not quickly broken."

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Reliance Fellowship
Where it all started...

Reliance Fellowship was planted in September of 2013 after Jacob Morris and Adam Bonus moved their families to the Tri-Cities from Texas. Both had graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary together. God led them to labor as co-leaders of a new local church. From the beginning, the goal of Reliance was not to grow into a giant local church, but rather to be intentional and plant another church. Ten years later, Adam Bonus and Dan Baber were commissioned by Reliance to start a new church in Pasco.

Learn about Reliance Fellowship in West Richland
Partner Tri-Cities Churches

Godly pastors joyfully mobilized some of their valued members and commissioned them to join the Grace Church launch team as they prepared to start the church in early 2023.  Significant partnership came from Grace and Truth Community Church, Kennewick Baptist Church, Crossview Community Church and Lighthouse Church. It was a joy to see the body of Christ partner for the sake of Christ's glory and kingdom in the Tri-Cities.

Network Associations

The Columbia Basin Baptist Association has been a strong advocate, funder and encouraging catalyst for this church plant in Pasco.

NAMB through Send Network has also provided support, encouragment, training and assessment for both Reliance Fellowship and Grace Church.

Texas Baptists also support Grace Church as it begins.

We are very grateful to God for the blessing of these groups.